How to Tell if Your Landline Phone Is Wiretapped in 2023


Wiretapping isn’t a topic to wish away because governments, mobsters, and spouses want to get hold of critical information on your phone. Criminals would want to wiretap to steal crucial information like credit card numbers, governments to track criminal activities, and couples who want to discover if someone is cheating.

Politicians haven’t stayed away from the wiretapping topic.

In 2017, according to the NY Times, President Donald Trump accused the Obama administration of wiretapping his phones during the election campaigns. Surveillance through wiretapping didn’t start now as one may think.

Back in 1990, there was a severe leak of security info by an FBI official to Russia that led to the killing of American spies. Through Wiretapping, Robert P. Hanssen was identified as the culprit-according to the NY Times. Keep reading to know more about wiretapping!

How Does Phone Tapping Work?

 Wiretapping occurs when a listening device is hooked to the telephone system, thus exploiting the circuit system . The load created translates the electric circuit into a real conversation.

Tappers can install several switching stations on electrical cords(green and red copper wires) to create a circuit that listens to incoming and outgoing voices.

Wiretapping, also known as phone tapping, is the process of intercepting telephone conversations or electronic communications without the consent of at least one party involved in the communication.

What Are Signs of Wiretapping?

Signs of wiretapping can include:

  1. Unusual sounds during phone calls, such as static, clicking, or echoes
  2. Calls that drop frequently or have unexpected interruptions
  3. Strange background noise that appears to be a recording or a playback of a conversation
  4. An unusual increase in data usage or text messages on your mobile device
  5. Sudden battery drainage on your mobile device or unusual behavior such as frequent restarting
  6. Unusual interference with electronic devices like radios, televisions, or home security systems.

However, these signs alone may not indicate that your phone is being wiretapped. It is important to check for other potential causes such as network issues or device malfunctions before jumping to conclusions.

How Do You Tell That There Is Wiretapping on Your Landline?

Background Noise

You can know that someone is eavesdropping because of  strange clicks originating from the background . Beeping and static sounds, as captured by the sound-bandwidth sensor, are other indicators of wiretapping.

Dial tones are another thing to watch out for though clever eavesdroppers will disable the microphone and only listen directly to a conversation.

Break-ins or Peculiar Burglaries

Wiretappers could  break in to install a bug on your phone system . No one can doubt maliciousness when burglaries happen, and there is no loss of valuables.

It could be an opportunity for a burglar to plant a wiretap on your phone network.


 Broken seals on the phone box  could be a sign that something wasn’t okay. Check the number of wires going in, and if they are more than two, do a more comprehensive check as the extra ones could be for wiretapping.

Signs Your Landline Phone Is Tapped

The following are the signs on how to tell if your landline is tapped or if someone tracks, taps, or monitors your cell phone:

Interference to Electronic Devices

Sound interference from electronic devices is one way of recognizing wiretapping. The best way to test if wiretapping is happening is by going close to an electronic device.

How to Identify Interference?

  • Distortions when the phone is not in use. You often notice the distortions by more usage of data when your phone is in sleep mode.
  • Squealing of radio when setting to mono, especially on the far end of the FM radio band frequencies.
  • Interruption of tv broadcast frequencies.

Abnormal Battery Consumption by Your Landline ☎️

When wiretapping software connects to a landline, it loses charge quickly because of an abnormal load. Background software that doesn’t go to sleep drains power fast. Another noticeable sign is batteries getting too hot within a short time.

When battery life drops without reason, that is a tell-tale sign that background software could be recording all info.

Delayed Shut Down

A landline shutdown powers off almost instantly, but if there is an unusual delay, there is a high chance that background software could be causing the dilatoriness. It is worse if a shutdown doesn’t complete, which means there is a lodged program taking control.

A wiretapped landline will continue to display a backlight even after turning off. Stubborn backlights after the shutdown process could be a wiretap or other programs taking control of your telephone.


Landlines are consistent in the responses, but if there is a queer activity, you ought to find out the cause.

When a landline reboots without reason, that is a possibility that a third-party app is loading. You can tell that when the lights go off the screen, and you haven’t even touched the phone.


Ever gotten a text message with contents that seem unconventional? If so, you ought to be keener because wiretapping could take the form of SMS commands.

Be concerned about random strings of letters and numbers coming from unknown numbers calling your phone.

An Increased Phone Bill

A sharp increase in the bill could signify wiretapping. A wiretapped telephone will use data on the background leading to an abnormal bill.

Spy apps work by sending information servers accessed remotely hence using large bundles of data.

Unknown Handymen

If mysterious people show up at your doorstep claiming to be sent by your telephone service provider, do a verification from the utility truck provider. Make the phone calls using the original phone lines(or check call history) and not those provided by unwelcome visitors.

If, by chance, they came from your phone company, stay on as they work. You could also ask questions to seek clarification about the ongoing installation and maintenance works. Alternatively, you can send your queries to their email address or make follow-up phone calls.

What to Do if Your Landline Phone Is Tapped

You have discovered wiretapping on your telephone line. What do you do?

Here is some advice:

Install Anti-Tap Applications

In an ever-growing world, there is almost a solution to every technical issue related to technology. Remember, there’s no number to dial to see if your phone is tapped. Anti-tap apps are one way of stopping unauthorized access to cell phone data. However, the use of these apps is still a big debate because they intrude on one’s phone records.

Most third apps work effectively in detecting rf bugs but not wiretapping spyware. But some do an excellent job of identifying wiretapping. Reveal is one such app that works as an anti SMS spy.

Reveal: Anti SMS Spy

Reveal is among the wiretapping techniques that work by identifying and stopping SMS replicators from storing a copy of your text messages. The app supports Android 1.5 upwards and doesn’t require root access for it to function. Besides, the spyware enables the user to write and read external storage.

Reveal picks up critical information about the wiretapped cell phones, which include the phone number, accounts linked to the phone, network information, and status of phone calls made through the smartphone. There aren’t many apps like this, many of them posing as scams.

Involve Your Phone Company

Telecommunication companies are well equipped to diagnose wiretapping. Using professional equipment, they can:

  • Detect abnormal FM radio band frequencies
  • Identify illegal splicing
  • Pinpoint listening devices
  • Listen to phone conversations

Note that telecom companies working with the Government have the trust and goodwill deploying the actions on Government’s behalf. If you realize that the company is declining your request for wiretapping, then it is worthwhile to find out the reason.

Report Your Complaint to the Police
The police have the technical capacity to test smartphones for bugs and instances of wiretapping. Also, they help during the prosecution of wiretapping suspects. To get the police to act and gather watertight evidence that justifies their involvement.
Get a Tap Detector

A tap detector is a useful tool in knowing if someone is listening in to your device. The gadget picks external signals. Wiretap detectors are sophisticated gadgets that monitor electrical and phone line frequencies that indicate the presence of tapping.

Wireless tap detectors are suitable for checking to wiretap. These devices use electromagnetic technology to establish the GPS location of the tapping device accurately. Tap detectors will trigger an alarm upon detecting a wiretapping device, making it easy to implement military and government requests.

Important to note: Wiretapping is a well-choreographed activity that requires technical knowledge. There is no phone line to dial to see if your phone is tapped. Any such claims could as well be a scam.


In conclusion, detecting wiretapping on your landline phone is a serious matter that requires your attention. If you notice any of the signs we have discussed, such as unusual noises, interference, or changes in the phone line, it may indicate that your phone has been tapped.

While it’s important to remain vigilant and take precautions, it’s also crucial to remember that wiretapping is illegal in many jurisdictions, and you should seek professional assistance and notify the authorities if you suspect that your privacy is being violated.

By following the tips and recommendations we have provided in this article, you can protect yourself from wiretapping and safeguard your confidential information.


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