How to Record WhatsApp Calls Secretly


Have you observed your partner or kids constantly making WhatsApp calls behind closed doors? Do you wonder if there’s some way in which you can record these calls secretly to listen to them later?

What if we told you that there are certain tools available that allow you to do so? These are phone tracking applications or call recorder apps that can record WhatsApp calls while also allowing you to monitor what someone does on their phone.

This guide will introduce you to two tools that you can use to record WhatsApp calls without the user knowing, so you can decide which is best for your needs.

Can WhatsApp Call Be Recorded?

Yes, it’s possible for WhatsApp calls to be recorded. Many people have wondered how to record WhatsApp voice calls in the past, and while there’s no way to directly record calls on WhatsApp, there are various workarounds and solutions that you can use to do so.

WhatsApp doesn’t support native call recording, and you might have to find another way to perform this process. The trick is easy, and you can use the various legitimate mobile applications for the call recording function. Also, expect to find it easy to record calls on Android than on Apple devices. 

Record WhatsApp Calls

What Is the Best Hidden WhatsApp Call Recorder? 

The best hidden WhatsApp call recorder is definitely KidsGuard. However, before recording WhatsApp calls on a phone, you have to take care of these three main steps including:

  • Gaining physical access to the device in question.
  • Purchasing a license plan from Kidsguard to access all its premium features.
  • Waiting for a few minutes for the app installation to complete. 
spy on whatsapp calls secretly

How to record WhatsApp calls secretly with KidsGuard

There are a few steps to expect in recording WhatsApp calls using Kidsguard, including:

  1. Create a user account, and purchase a user plan or package. Once this is complete, the app will lead you to a “My Products” page, where you can access detailed information about the app setup. You will also gain access to the app link for downloads.
  2. Accept the permissions for the app and follow all on-screen prompts presented.
  3. Once the installation is complete, go back to the app’s official website, and complete the setup process. You will now gain access to an online user panel, where you play the phone calls that you had recorded secretly. 
  4. That’s it! The process should be complete at this point. Remember that you can set up the application to run in a steal mode, so they never detect its presence. The app should then start to record the WhatsApp phone calls automatically. 
  5. Remember to provide your user account details if you want further access to the functions the application can provide.
How to record WhatsApp calls secretly

Check if your device is compatible with KidsGuard:

Compatibility checker

Check your device compatibility

Great! Your device is compatible.


How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone?

While the Apple devices tend to be difficult to bypass, it’s still possible to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone. However, WhatsApp call recording on iPhone involves a unique set of steps, mainly involving the screen recording function. While you can also use WhatsApp spy apps to do this, this section introduced you to another solution.

The feature is only applicable for iOS devices and requires a software version of iOS 11 and higher. It’s the main aspect you have to consider when learning how to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone.  Expect the following steps when performing this process:

  1. Access the setting page on your device.
  2. Visit the control center on the device and then the “customize” function.
  3. Click on the “Plus” icon on “screen recording.”
  4. Finally, swipe upwards, which should provide access to the control center. Proceed to click on the “record icon” and then on the microphone button, which should kickstart the recording process.
record whatsapp calls on iphone

An important question you might ask here is what you cant record with sound. The iPhone screen recording function will capture audio content as a default setting. It does this even when the ringer on your iPhone is on.

You can also capture your voice during the screen recording process, and the steps involved are easy. It’s crucial you consider these details on recording WhatsApp audio call. The first thing you should consider involves how to record specific sounds in the content. 

How to Record WhatsApp Call on Android? 

You can also use a WhatsApp call recording app for Android. Expect the following steps during this process:

  1. Visit the Google App play store, and search for the “Record Whatsapp Calls” mobile application. It works as an automatic WhatsApp call recorder app.
  2. Next, click on install the application to complete this process.
  3. Follow the app’s instructions, and ensure you give it all the correct permissions it needs to function. It includes functions to access the microphone, photographs, and contact details.
  4. Enable the “App Accessibility Setting.” The app should not automatically record all the phone call data and sound content. The app will then upload the content to your Google Drive account. The How to record WhatsApp call in Samsung question is common among people with struggles with device accessibility.
  5. You might also need to enable two essential functions: the “notification” and “accessibility” apps. Once you provide all the permissions to the application, it should now be ready for use. The WhatsApp call recording app will now start recording calls automatically whenever someone calls you. You will also appreciate that the app organizes each phone call data into a unique section. 
android whatsapp call recorder

NB: Remember that WhatsApp is an end-to-end messaging tool. Each time you want to give apps access to their content, remember the risks involved. The best solution for you is to choose apps with good reviews or those from a legitimate service provider. Remember to also perform more research on how to record WhatsApp call with sound.

How To Record a Phone Call on WhatsApp?

While WhatsApp doesn’t offer a native call recording function, you can use tools like Kidsguard Pro, the Record WhatsApp Calls app for Android, or even use an iPhone’s built-in screen recording function.

Does WhatsApp Record Your Calls?

No, WhatsApp has no way of recording calls from the app itself. However, this is possible using third-party tools like KidsGuard Pro or Apple’s in-built screen recording function on an iPhone.


As you have noticed, there is more to recording WhatsApp calls secretly than the average person can expect. You have to consider various details and use the correct apps to ensure concise results. Recording WhatsApp calls is a delicate process because the app is an end-to-end messaging service. However, success is still a guarantee if you adhere to the outlined steps.


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