How to Find Hidden Apps on Android


All digital devices, including Android phones, have certain features that enable the user to hide various contents. For example, Android has hidden partitions that can’t just be stumbled upon. You have to know the correct sequence of actions to obtain access.

A lot of Android devices also come with built-in hiding software, such as the Secure Folder. Not only that, but users can even wholly hide some installed apps in a way that they’re still operating on the device, but are completely invisible in the menu.

In case you regularly update your versions, in this article, we will cover different means of accessing hidden apps, especially for you.

NOTE: These methods only work wor uncovering hidden spy apps. If you’re suspicious that someone has installed a keylogger on your phone, then make sure to check out our guide on how to remove a keylogger.

How to Find Hidden Apps in Settings

Here is an easy way to find hidden apps on Android phones by accessing the “Settings” option:

  1. Tap the “Settings” icon to open the settings application.
  2. Scroll through the options in “Settings.”
  3. Select the “Apps & Notifications” option.
  4. Now, to see the list of applications, including the hidden ones, select the “See all apps” option.

Once done, all apps on your Android device will be displayed, including the ones that had been hidden.

hidden apps in settings

Learning how to find hidden apps on an Android device is rather easy, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Pro Tip: The app list would also show the system files and system applications as well and hence will show all apps on android device.

How to Find Hidden Apps on Boyfriend’s Phone

This is how you can find hidden apps on any Android device. All you need to do is to open the App Drawer. These are the steps:

  1. Tap the icon that is present in the lower middle section of the home screen or by swiping up on the home screen.
  2. Tap the three dots in the top left corner of the App Drawer.
  3. Locate the “Home Screen Settings” option and press it.
  4. Locate the “Hide Apps” tab and press it.
  5. You will see a screen that allows you to hide apps. On the top, there is a “Hidden Apps” tab, where all hidden apps will be displayed. You might find an installed keylogger or other hidden Android apps.

Pro Tip: If your Android phone doesn’t have the three dots option in the app drawer, just locate the “Home Screen Settings” tab on your settings page. Then, repeat the procedure above.

How to Find Secret Apps on Android

Here is how you can find secret apps on Android phones through the app information features. To find hidden apps on Android, follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, keep pressing the ”App icon” till you see a small menu.
  2. Now, you will have to press the little ”i” that is present inside a circle. You will find this information icon near the ”pencil” icon.
  3. You will find a page that has all details like storage size, permissions about the app.
  4. Now, select the ”App details” option.
hidden apps android

You can also read the official information, people’s reviews of the chosen app on the app’s product page in the Google play store.

What Are the Most Popular Hidden Apps for Android?

All users have access to app stores that hold a wide variety of content hiding apps. You only need to perform a quick search, and you’ll be bombarded with hundreds of options.

To start with, once you check the phone memory in the Settings there could be newly added or doubled unique IDs of applications like,, or com.wssyncmldm. That, in turn, proves that there should be some tricky changes installed or updated on the device.

Another thing, if you’ve been helping with blocking ads on someone’s device with the help of a specific app, like a bbcagent app, it could have disabled some apps without root that could have caught your attention.

One of such secret apps to hide pictures can be:

Secret Calculator

Secret Calculator hidden app on Android devices was strictly designed for storing private photos. The app looks like your standard calculator. However, when you open it, you will see a folder that allows you to upload secret pictures and videos.

The app comes in a couple of different variations, some of which would enable users to hide and delete other sensitive information, such as web browser history.

Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder claims to be one of the most potent hidden apps on Android.

Best Secret Folder

It has a compelling stealth mode, and it can be tough to locate it once it’s hidden. The folder looks just like your ordinary folder, and it can store all sorts of data – controversial messages, photos, videos, etc.

The user is required to create a password that they have to enter every time they want to access the folder. If a stranger tried to open it and entered the wrong password, the app would turn off.


CoverMe is among the most flexible and versatile hidden apps on Android from this list. It was initially developed as a secret messenger, and it can store all sorts of media files – photos, videos, contacts, call logs, etc.


These apps are only a speck in the sea of available secret apps that you can use to find hidden apps.

This just proves how easy it can be for your children or spouse to hide sensitive content. However, with our guide, you will be able to crack all these methods in no time.

Pro Tip: Some hidden apps on Android may require a password. To avoid typing passwords, we recommend using the mSpy app, as it has a remote keylogger that saves all keystrokes that you type.

What if My Kid Has Hidden Apps on Their Android Phone?

Recent technological developments in the mobile industry come with an outstanding set of benefits, but they can also cause a couple of headaches when trying to find hidden apps on Android. This is especially the case with parents, who are often concerned about their children’s activities on the internet.

Because they are so young, they are often susceptible to a lot of threats, such as online bullying or predatory activities.

On the bright side, parents can also utilize various software solutions that will enable them to monitor their children’s online activities. A quick online search will display the best parental control tools.

To understand their kids” mindsets better, parents should also think about why their children want to hide their activities.

These reasons may include:

  • Using secret app technology to chat with their friends about inappropriate topics or talk to strangers anonymously.
  • Hiding sensitive photos.
  • Hiding dating apps or other tools that their parents don’t allow them to use.
  • Find hidden adult content.

What makes the online world scary is the fact that your children may be in contact with sexual predators at any given moment without your knowledge. You can mitigate this issue, though, by using internet filter software.

What Can My Spouse Hide on Their Phone?

Spouses and family relationships are other sensitive topics that should be covered.

By deciding to uncover whether your spouse is hiding something, you are risking compromising your relationship with your loved ones. Although it’s always good to find out the truth, another option is that you find nothing and break the trust for even trying to monitor their activities secretly.

However, if you suspect your spouse of cheating on you, you can try to find hidden apps on their phone and discover the truth. Your spouse may be using secret apps to talk to their friends, but also lovers.

Finding evidence is essential, especially if you plan on filing for divorce later on.

Mostly those apps are used to provide secret chats or to store private information and data such as:

  • Photo contents
  • Various messages
  • Phone and email contacts
  • Web browser history

What Are Other Options to Find Hidden Apps on Android?

If you didn’t manage to find anything special by analyzing the hidden app folder, then try installing antivirus or anti-malware solutions. Run a scan to see if anything would pop up. If nothing pops up, but you’re still suspicious, you’ll have to take it to a technician and ask for advice. If you’re looking to find hidden apps on your girlfriend’s phone so that you can read her messages, this information will help.


Hidden apps for Android can be used for spying or monitoring someone without their knowing. So, you have to keep your device secure and suggests taking measures such as keeping your phone locked with a strong password, regularly updating the operating system and apps, and using anti-malware software to protect against any malicious activity.

But if you want to use a keylogger for your personal needs, the best option is using spy apps. For example, you can try mSpy keylogger. It can record every keystroke made on a computer or mobile device. You can use it for monitoring the activity of employees, spying your cheating spouse or keeping track of children’s online activity.


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