How to Find Address with Phone Number


Do you want to find out somebody’s address but all you have is their phone number? It’s not really a problem. And you don’t even need magical powers. All you need to find address with phone number is a reliable app.

This might seem like an extremely tricky piece of information to get hold of, so how do you go about it? The answer is simple. If you want to get someone’s hidden personal information, you should use a reverse phone number lookup tool.

This guide lists the best tools you can use to get someone’s address and other contact information from just their phone number.

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How to Find Someone’s Address with a Phone Number?

An effective way is to hire an investigator. While they’re usually good at finding information like someone’s address from their telephone number, they can also be expensive to hire.

So, what do you do? The best method is to then use a reverse address or phone lookup tool. There are several such phone lookup tools available online, but not all of them are reliable or have a large database of information.

Do you want to know the best app to find address with phone number? Ok, let’s get started!

Intelius: Best Tool to Find Address with Phone Number

how to find adress with phone number with Intelius

Intelius is among the best phone lookup tools that you can find online. It offers an expansive database of background information. So, it allows you to find someone’s details like their phone numbers, emails, current and past addresses, or even their criminal history.

This is also among the best reverse phone lookups available in the market right now. The service was started in 2003 and has quickly evolved to a point where it contains billions of records.


With Intelius, you can:

  • Find people with quick results;
  • Quickly get the information you need;
  • The search subject will not be notified you searched for them;
  • Fins address with phone number.


The highlight of this service is that it also has approval from the FCRA to provide users with aggregated data on paid subscriptions.

Intelius’ pricing for its reverse phone lookup service is as follows:

5-day trial$0.95
Unlimited reports$34.95

How to Use Intelius?

Here’s how you can find an address with a phone number using Intelius:

  1. Open the Intelius website and Click on the PHONE tab above the search bar.
  2. Enter the phone number along with the area code (eg: 646-555-3911).
  3. Tap the Search button.
  4. Look through the fine print to find the address associated with the number entered.


  • Offers accurate and concise information
  • Easy-to-use interface and design


  • Lack of transparent pricing policies

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Just enter the number into the app and hit search. Their powerful database will instantly cross-reference it against millions of numbers that have been reported as being used by scammers.

If there’s a match, they’ll let you know so you can take appropriate action. You can even use this to search for the owner of a restricted call once you’ve checked the private number that called you.

Spokeo: Cool App to Lookup a Phone Number for Free

Find an address with Spokeo's reverse phone lookup

The second tool on our list that you can use to find someone’s address if you just have their mobile number is Spokeo. This is among the most reliable databases that you can use to get detailed information such as their address, criminal records, email, and more.


Spokeo allows you to:

  • Search records associated with a landline or cell phone number;
  • Get personal information using a cell phone number;
  • Find the address with phone number.

The best part about Spokeo is that it also comes with a geo-grouping function that makes it easy to aggregate data based on locations. It also has a 30-day free trial and extremely reliable customer support.


monthly plan$19.95/month
quarterly plan$14.95/month

How to Use Spokeo?

The tool relies on public databases to get you verified and up-to-date information via an extremely intuitive user interface. All you need to do to get a person’s address is to enter their number and click SEARCH, and Spokeo will get you all the information you need.


  • High-quality and easy-to-use interface
  • The tool offers millions of people’s records from public databases
  • Has more than 10 years of experience in data management


  • The free trial offers limited functionality

Try Spokeo

WhitePages: App to Find Out Who Called You

Find address with phone number

The third reverse phone lookup tool on our list is WhitePages. This is among the best people search engines you can find on the market which also happens to be FCRA-approved. You get access to in-depth contact info and other information in one consolidated report.


You can use the tool to:

  • find address with phone number;
  • get an email and social media information;
  • check other details of the owner of a number.

So, if you’ve been getting calls from someone suspicious, WhitePages can be an extremely reliable tool to get find information about them.

It comes with an extremely easy-to-use interface, making it among the easiest ways to get the information you need. To add to this, their service packages are also quite affordable.


cost of each report$9.99
5-day trial$1

How to Use WhitePages?

  1. Go to the WhitePages website.
  2. Find Reverse Phone Lookup.
  3. Enter the phone number and press the SEARCH button.


  • Fast responses to customers’ queries
  • Gives individuals the option to delete their data
  • It is FCRA-approved


  • Scaling the service isn’t the easiest

Try WhitePages

TruthFinder: User-Friendly Reverse Phone Lookup

TruthFinder website interface

The next app on this list that you can use to get an address and find out the other details of the owner of a phone number is TruthFinder. This is among the best people search services available today, and offers concise and well-aggregated information.


  • The team behind this site is quick to respond to user queries, making it much more useful that a lot of other sites available online.
  • You can find address with phone number.
  • It also offers a comprehensive service called Substantial Report Content which is available upon subscription.
  • It offers you a lot of other important information about the owner of a telephone number.

Using this tool is simple, and it also comes with a mobile app. All you need to do is enter the phone number and start searching. You’ll have to ensure to add the area code.

The team will quickly respond with all the relevant information. You can also use this tool if you want to find out who your partner is texting, particularly if you notice them getting a lot of calls.


So, how much does TruthFinder cost?

regular pricefrom $4.99/month to $29.73/month
plan for two months$23.28/month
basic package$28.05/month

How to Use TruthFinder?

  1. Go to the TruthFinder website.
  2. Find Reverse Phone Lookup.
  3. Enter the phone number and press the SEARCH button.


  • Simple to use
  • Offers a quick turnaround of the requested information
  • Contains billions of verified records


  • You cannot download the reports produced

Try TruthFinder

Instant Checkmate: Tool to Locate an Address Using Phone Number

Locate an address using phone number with Instant Checkmate

The fifth website on this list that you can use if you want to get an address from someone’s phone number is Instant Checkmate. This is among the best-known people search services that one can use to get plenty of information about an individual from their phone number.


  • Among its best features is the background check which gives you all the background information you may need to get on someone.
  • It can also be used to get other details such as the birthday of a friend, and a lot of other directory data that many other websites don’t provide as effectively.
  • You also can find address with phone number.

The intuitive user interface also makes searching for information a breeze and has been used by people the world over to find out information about people, who their partners have been calling, and much more.


1 month of unlimited reports$35.12/month
3 months of unlimited reports$28.09/month

How to Use Instant Checkmate?

  1. Go to the Instant Checkmate website.
  2. Enter the phone number and press the SEARCH NOW button.


  • A well-organized interface that’s easy to use
  • Long-term users benefit from affordable plans


  • The search results could have been more organized

Try Instant Checkmate

InfoTracer: App to Find an Address Using Phone Number

Find an address using phone number with InfoTracer

InfoTracer is another extremely reliable tool that you can use to find address with phone number. You can use this massive public records search engine to get access to contact info, addresses, a business address, social media profiles, background information, and much more.


The website makes it easy to perform a reverse phone lookup, and allows you to:

  • easily get the information you need;
  • find adress with phone number;
  • be it for your business;
  • to get in touch with an old friend.

The highlight of this tool is that it offers the ability to perform facial recognition searches, and while the feature is new, its database is expanding each day.


So, is InfoTracer worth it?Unfortunately, not. But the advantage is that the app is not expensive:

7-day trial$3.95
1-time report$19.95
premium plan$19.95/month

How to Use InfoTracer?

  1. Go to the InfoTracer website.
  2. Choose PHONE.
  3. Enter the phone number and press SEARCH.


  • Offers a facial recognition search function
  • Can be used for targeted lookups

Try InfoTracer

CocoFinder: Convenient Tool to Search For an Address

Search for an address with CocoFinder

The last tool on this list that you can use to search for an address via a mobile number is CocoFinder. It has an extremely large database of information that makes it easy to search for information like emails, addresses, background checks, and much more incredibly easy.


  • Reverse phone lookup provides the identity of the person who owns a phone number.
  • You can also find address with phone number.


The platform is free to use, and there are no fees associated with using the services!

How to Use CocoFinder?

All you need to do is:

  1. Go to the CocoFinder website.
  2. Enter the number in the search bar and hit the START SEARCH button.
  3. CocoFinder will offer you a detailed report of all the information linked to the owner of the number.

The service offers 24/7 customer service for all its clients and offers a fast turnaround whenever someone requests any information.


  • Offers 24/4 customer support
  • Verified and trusted data


  • Lack of concise pricing information

Try CocoFinder

Use a Location Based Search

If you don’t want to use a reverse phone tab, you can enter the number on a search engine like Google or Bing. You can try different formats when entering the number (this could be the state or the city, so you can add the codes to the phone number).

If the number is associated with a business, a personal website, an online resume, or a LinkedIn profile, you should get the information on Google. Further, since search engines like Google index public records, you might just be able to get the address you’re looking for.

If you get the address of the person, you might be able to navigate to it via Google Maps as well. However, this will only work if the number is not a private number and isn’t associated with a business listed on Google.


While there are several ways to find an address from someone’s phone number, most of them aren’t the best despite being completely free. On the other hand, a reverse phone lookup site like Intelius or Spokeo is the best way to search for someone’s address and other crucial details.

All the tools mentioned in this article rely on public databases to get you detailed reports of the information you request, so you can fully rely on them. You must also ensure that the tool you choose follows the required data protection norms.

Can I Find Someone’s Address with Their Phone Number?

If you want to find where someone is or their address using their phone number, you can do so using u003ca href=u0022/product/inteliusu0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noopener nofollowu0022u003eInteliusu003c/au003e. This reverse phone lookup tool gives you access to information like email addresses, residential addresses, and even criminal backgrounds associated with a phone number.

How to Find Someone’s Address for Free?

The best way to find an address for free using a person’s phone number is by using a reverse lookup website. Some of the best websites include:u003cbru003eu003cbru003e☑️ Spokeou003cbru003e☑️ WhitePagesu003cbru003e☑️ TruthFinderu003cbru003e☑️ Instant Checkmateu003cbru003eu003cbru003eYou can also try using Google’s search results to see what you find if you don’t want to use these sites.

How Can I Find Someone Address by Phone Number or Name?

You can find a person’s address using a phone number using sites like a u0022reverse phone lookup.u0022 Some of the best reverse lookup sites include u003ca href=u0022/product/inteliusu0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noopener nofollowu0022u003eInteliusu003c/au003e and u003ca href=u0022;v=103u0026amp;ftype=phoneu0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noopener nofollowu0022u003eSpokeou003c/au003e, and they offer a massive database of information.


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