How Can I Track My Girlfriend’s Cell Phone?


Relationships can be beautiful experiences, especially if the bond you share with your partner is special. However, some relationships can feel strained when partners are not upfront with everything and if all the cards aren’t laid out on the table.

Do you think your girlfriend has been acting strangely? Has she been lying about her whereabouts and the people she meets? If yes, then you might want to track your girlfriend’s cell phone to find out what she’s up to.

To find out how you can do this, this guide is a must-read! We discuss the various ways to track your girlfriend’s phone location without her knowing, the tools you can use, and even walk you through the steps to find why your lover is always going out and rarely calling or texting you.

Why Should I Track My Girlfriend’s Cell Phone?

There are several reasons why you would want to keep tabs on your girlfriend’s movement. Some of these include:

  • If she keeps lying about her whereabouts and doesn’t answer your calls when she’s away.
  • You might want to track the girlfriend’s cell phone to ensure her safety.  Some public places are unsafe, and if you think she could be in danger in them, you can track her location to ensure that she’s out of harm’s way.
  • You want to surprise her on special occasions. Tracking her location can make it easy to surprise her on occasions such as her birthday, Valentine’s Day or your anniversary.

Loyalty and trust are one of the pillars of a strong relationship. If you cannot trust one another, you start seeing cracks in your relationship’s foundations.

Luckily, our lives have become easier with the advent of technology. GPS technology, smartphones, and apps have made it easy to track someone’s phone for free, so you can be sure of your partner’s loyalty.

How Can I Track My Girlfriend’s Phone?

There are various ways in which you can track your girlfriend’s phone without her knowing. Built-in features of mobile phones such as Find My iPhone and Find my Device can help you track your girlfriend’s phone.

You can also use the best spying apps or a keylogger, which we’ll talk about after explaining how to Find My iPhone works.

These tools can be a lifesaver when you need to track your girlfriend. You’ll be able to see where she is on the map, and in case of an emergency, even lock her device or erase it remotely.

Use Find My iPhone to Discover Your Girlfriend’s Phone Location.

Find My iPhone - Track my girlfriend's cell phone

“How to track my girlfriend’s phone location” is an extremely popular Google search query.

If your partner uses an iOs device and you want to track the GPS location, you can use the Find my iPhone feature.  The next session dives into how you can set up this app on the target device. If you’d like to find other options that don’t require a permission or manual set up, read this phone tracker app roundup.

How to Set Up Find My iPhone

Find another iOS device to track the target phone or device. You can use your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or you can borrow one from a friend.  To begin this process, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your iOS settings

Step 2: At the top of the screen, you will see your name. Tap or click it.

Step 3: Click iCloud. Some settings will appear.

Step 4: Scroll down until you see Find My iPhone

Step 5: Click on it to enable it to find your iPhone.

Step 6: Tap also Send Last Location

This process should not take you more than 2 minutes.  The next step is to use the Find My iPhone feature to track your girlfriend’s phone.  Here is the process:

  • Click Find iPhone on your device menu
  • Then enter your email address and password to sign in to your account.
  • Put the name of the device that you want to find and, in this case, your girlfriend’s phone.
  • Tap on it, and you will see its location on a map.

You can also locate an iPhone on your computer web browser.  To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Sign in to your iCloud account. Put your Apple ID and Password
  • Click find iPhone and select a device to view its location
  • Click on the dot on the map to see the devices name
  • Click on the target phone to see its location

Several experts highly recommend this method. Even though it’s mostly used to track a lost phone, you can use it for other tracking activities as well. In fact, I have used it several times to track my girlfriend’s phone for free without her knowing about it.  This is during the time that I suspected that she was cheating on me.

Best Spy Apps to Track My Girlfriend’s Location

If you are asking yourself how you can track your girlfriend without her knowing about it, you’ve come to the right place. Tracking apps such as Spyzie effectively track a person’s location and communications without them knowing.

These apps are equipped with GPS technology which makes the process of tracking a target device’s location a cakewalk. Apart from location tracking, Spyzie offers other useful features that we discuss in the next section. 

Spyzie – Best Spy App to Track your Girlfriend’s Cell Phone

Spyzie dashboard - track my girlfriend's cell phone

Spyzie advertises itself as the world’s most advanced ‘Phone Monitoring Solution.’ It is one of the affordable solutions for tracking your partner’s phone. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and doesn’t require any rooting or jailbreaking either, making it easy to use. Plus, she will never know if the phone was tapped and monitored.

It has millions of satisfied customers, and you will get up to 30 features, some of which include:

  • Track text messages
  • Track messages on social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Access the target’s call logs.
  • Record the target’s calls to see what they’re talking about.
  • Track their location in real-time.
  • SIM location tracker
  • Monitor browser searches and block websites or apps.
  • Record keystrokes through a keylogger.
  • Stealth mode to ensure your girlfriend never knows of the app’s presence on her phone.

In short, Spyzie offers various features without the hassle of rooting or jailbreaking your device, which makes it a great choice for people who aren’t very tech-savvy or need an easier setup process.

How to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone without Her Knowing Using Spyzie App

Now that you’re aware of the various features Spyzie offers, let’s dive into how you can use this app to start tracking your girlfriend’s phone. The steps are simple and are as follows:

  • The first step is to sign up for a Sypzie account with your email as the username.
  • Next, download Spyzie on an Android target device or verify the target’s iCloud credentials for iOS.
  • You’re now ready to track the target phone through the Spyzie dashboard or control panel.

Spyzie Compatibility

As mentioned earlier, Spyzie is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. In fact, Spyzie will likely be compatible with almost all devices as it works equally well on some older OS versions too.

Android – Version 4+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)

iOS – iOS 8+

Note: While Android devices have access to all of Spyzie’s features without rooting, some features on iOS devices are reserves for jailbroken devices alone. However, the features available are perfect for most, and the app compensates with the easy setup process on iOS devices.

How Much Does Spyzie Cost?

Given below are the prices for Spyzie on both Android and iOS.


Spyzie Android Pricing
  • The ‘Basic’ monitoring plan costs $39.99/month and offers basic features that include access to call logs, text messages, real-time location, browser histories, and so on. This plan is for one device.
  • The ‘Premium’ plan is now at a discount and will cost you a mere $9.99/month while offering all of the app’s features without having to root your device. Once again, this is for a single device.
  • The ‘Family’ plan for three devices will cost you $69.99/month and give you access to all of Spyzie’s features.

Note: All the plans mentioned above don’t require rooting your Android device, making tracking hassle-free.


Spyzie iOS Pricing
  • The ‘Premium’ plan for one device costs $10.83/month and offers all of Spyzies features with no jailbreak required.
  • The ‘Family” plan for five devices will set you back $99.99/month and offers all Spyzie’s features with no jailbreak required.
  • The ‘Business’ plan for 25 devices will cost you $399.99/month and offers all features with no jailbreak required.

Try Spyzie


Can I Track My Girlfriend’s Phone Without Access to It?

You can track your girlfriend’s phone using Find My iPhone. However, you’ll need to know her Apple ID and password to be able to use it. And if she has something to hide, she might not share these credentials with you. In this case, an app like Spyzie can come in handy as it lets you track her phone without physical access to it.

Is it Legal to Track My Girlfriend’s Cell Phone?

While you can track your girlfriend’s phone using an app like Spyzie, doing so without her consent is illegal. We strongly advise you to check your local laws and regulations to ensure you don’t face any consequences.

Wrapping Up

With the advancement of technology, tracking your girlfriend’s cell phone in real-time has become incredibly easy. With built-in features like Find My iPhone, Find My Device, and great third-party spy apps like Spyzie, you can be fully aware of who your girlfriend talks to and where she goes when she steps out of your house.


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