Best Spy Apps with Free Trial – No Credit Card Required


The only reliable way to read your partner’s or child’s messages, track their location and monitor their social media activity without them knowing is via a spy app. Spy apps secretly record everything a person does on their phone and lets you view it in real-time! 

To make sure your partner is being faithful and your children are safe, try out these 5 incredible spy apps with free trial! We personally tested over 50 different options, and these were our top-performing solutions based on features, ease of use, speed, and price.

pcTattleTale – Best Cell Phone Spy App with Free Trial

pcTattleTale is a highly effective monitoring app that can track the target’s location, texts, social media messages, call logs, and browsing history! This app is great if you need to track your partner, children, or employees.

We decided to put pcTattleTale’s bold claims about being able to track everything to the test! This spy app scored very high on ease of use and features. We found it super easy to install, and the dashboard allowed us to monitor texts, browser history, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp messages. The big downside to pcTattleTale is that it is not available on iPhone. But if you want to track an Android device, then we strongly recommend this spy app.

pcTattleTale offers a full 7-day free spy app no credit card needed trial. During the trial, you can access all of the app’s features and see if you like the app as much as we did! No matter if you want to monitor suspicious employees, naughty kids, or your shifty partner, pcTattleTale is an amazing solution for Android devices. If you want to track an iPhone, stick to Spybubble or mSpy!

mSpy – Mobile Spy App with Free Trial

mSpy is the number 1 rated spy app with millions of users and more 5-star reviews than we can count. mSpy is an incredibly reliable and easy-to-use spy app. You can install it on Android and iPhone within 5 minutes and then sit back and relax as it sends you everything from texts to browser history to social media messages, and even GPS location.

We installed mSpy on three different devices, and the average installation time was 3.5 minutes! On each occasion, mSpy was successfully able to send all of the target’s WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram messages. We also had no issues accessing the target’s browser history and call logs. If you need to know what your partner or child is up to then, we strongly recommend mSpy. This app is very beginner-friendly and, once installed, will automatically record everything. You don’t have to lift a finger!  

mspy create account

Unfortunately, mSpy does not offer a cell phone spy free trial. However, due to its amazing functionality and reliability, it is still our number 1 recommendation. mSpy does offer a free demo mode where you can play around and see how the app works. They are also running an awesome discount. Right now, you can use mSpy for just $11.66 per month! Try out mSpy now and instantly read anyone’s messages!

Spybubble – iPhone Spy App Free Trial

Is your partner showing signs of cheating? Spybubble can help you out! Spybubble has successfully helped millions of users expose their cheating partners and prevent their kids from talking to creeps!

Once installed, this Spybubble runs in stealth mode on the target’s device and lets you see everything they are doing. It will record their texts, call logs, browser history, GPS location, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and WhatsApp messages. Whatever your partner or child does on their phone, Spybubble will spot it!

In our testing process, we installed Spybubble on Android and iPhone device. The setup on Android was very simple, and installation took only 4 minutes. We loved that we were able to install this spy app 100% remotely on iPhone by just using the target’s Apple ID, it took less than 2 minutes! 

spybubble phone tracker

We were very impressed with Spybubble’s overall functionality and ease of use. We opted for full tracking, and it passed our tests with flying colors. After installation, we waited an hour and signed into our Spybubble account. We were blown away to see all of the target’s texts, social media messages, and browser history, and we could even see their live GPS location. 

Spybubble does not offer a remote cell phone spy software free trial. However, they are running a 15% off promotion. For just $9.91 per month, you can install Spybubble and find out exactly who your partner and child are talking to and where they are at all times!

Qustodio – Android Spy App with Free Trial and No Credit Card

Qustodio is a kid-focused spy app but works just as well if you want to keep an eye on your husband or wife! With this awesome spy app, you can track the target’s location, block them from accessing sites, read their texts, and access call logs.

When testing Qustodio, we were impressed with the app’s modern, sleek design. We also found the dashboard easy to use. We found the app worked equally well on Android and iPhone. The one thing we didn’t like about Qustodio is that it doesn’t let you read social media messages or access browser history.

Qustodio currently offers a 3-day iPhone and Android spy app free trial no credit card! During those 3 days, you can fully test out the app. To keep using the app after your trial will only cost you $4.58 per month. If Qustodio allowed you to read WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram messages, it would be higher on our list!

FamiSafe – Spy App Without Target Phone Free Trial

Can you never get a straight answer out from your partner? Does your child never tell you who they are texting late at night? Then install FamiSafe and find out the truth! FamiSafe is a 5-star rated spy app that allows you to access the target’s browser history, texts, and social media posts and view their location.

famisafe activity report

Even though FamiSafe is designed to monitor children during our testing process, we found it equally useful for catching cheating partners. We found FamiSafe to be very fast to install (it took 4 minutes), and signing in and navigating the dashboard was like a walk in the park. We were also impressed with the number of features. FamiSafe not only lets you view browser history and read messages, but you can also set up alerts and block access to certain apps and sites.

Currently, FamiSafe offers a 3-day spy app free trial no credit card required! During the free trial, you can test out all of the app’s features and determine if this app is right for you. Whether you are trying to protect your kids or know what your partner is doing, FamiSafe is a great choice!

Is There a Free Trial of mSpy?

mSpy does not currently offer a free trial. However, they do offer a 100% free demo version. You can explore the demo version on their site without having to install or download anything. 

In the demo version, you can use the mSpy dashboard and learn how this amazing spy app works. The demo version gives you a great feel for the app and shows you how with a click of a button, you can read anyone’s texts, emails, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram messages, and more!

Will Free Trial Show Up on Credit Card?

As long as you cancel your spy app free trial before it ends, you will not be charged, and nothing will show on your credit card statement. However, if you fail to cancel the free trial before the expiry date, your credit card will automatically be charged.

If you don’t want to risk being charged, you should only use free trials that don’t require you to supply a credit card. These free trials end automatically, and you don’t need to remember to cancel.

How to Cancel mSpy Free Trial?

mSpy does not offer a free trial. They do offer a demo version, but there is no need to sign up or cancel when using it. 

If you would like to cancel your mSpy paid membership, simply:

  1. Login to your mSpy account
  2. Click Billing in the bottom left-hand corner
  3. Select device
  4. Click the blue Request Cancellation button
  5. Enter your email
  6. Select the reason why you are canceling
  7. Click Send

Wrapping Up

Don’t spend another day stressed out of your mind wondering where your partner or child is and who they are talking to. Install mSpy on their device now to instantly track their real-time location and read your child’s messages or partner’s messages on all social media platforms (TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook)! While mSpy does not have an Android or iPhone spy app free trial, it has an incredible free demo mode and is currently running an amazing discount promotion. For only $11.66 per month, you will know exactly what your partner or child is doing on their phone! 


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