10 Best REALLY FREE Antivirus Apps for Android


Amazingly 8000 new types of Android malware are discovered every single day. With cybercriminals becoming increasingly sophisticated and people storing all of their personal information on their phones, it is no wonder that millions of Android users are looking to antivirus apps to protect their devices. To help keep your device secure we are going to show you the 10 best free Android antivirus apps which you can download right now! Check them out below!

Looking for The Best Free Antivirus for Android? Here Is Our Quick Summary:

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android Our 1st place winner! – With the 100% free version you get a fast and reliable VPN, real-time web protection, and a highly accurate malware scanner and removal tool!

McAfee Mobile Security: VPN & Privacy Very close runner up! – Without paying a cent you can quickly remove spyware and malware from your Android, automatically block infected links and files with secure browsing features, and bypass geo-restrictions while staying safe online with a fantastic VPN.

Kaspersky Antivirus: Applock for Android -Kaspersky provides all-around strong protection to free users and gives you a malware scanner, parental controls, and a password manager. To access a VPN you will need to upgrade.

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Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android – The Best Free Android Antivirus

Free Features

  • Thoroughly tested virus and malware scanner – 100% protection!
  • VPN – 200 MB daily usage
  • Block malware-infected sites automatically!
  • Anti-theft device locator

Bitdefender has created a highly impressive free Android phone antivirus app that can scan your device in just a handful of minutes. This free antivirus for Android has the most accurate malware scanner of any app on the market. Bitdefender has been extensively tested by independent lab AV-TEST and had a 100% detection rate over almost 10,000 malware samples!

Bitdefender doesn’t just have incredible malware detection capabilities but also has an awesome secure browsing feature. With this Android antivirus free app anytime you head to a malware-infected site it will be automatically blocked so you don’t have to worry about accidentally infecting your device. 

When using the Mobile Security app you also get the benefit of a world-class VPN. Bitdefender offers free users a healthy 200 MB of daily data! With this VPN you will always be safe from using unsecured wi-fi because your details will remain encrypted preventing any 3rd parties from gaining control of your device.

To start protecting your device download the best free Android antivirus app today! All you need to do is open Google Play and hit install. With the best malware scanner, a VPN, and web protection why wouldn’t you try out this app?

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McAfee Security: VPN & Privacy – Download Free Android Antivirus

McAfee Security

Free Features

  • Spyware and malware removal tool – 100% success rate at removing worms!
  • Antivirus scanning – Check every app for viruses
  • Anti-theft – Receive the exact location of your device at all times!
  • Wifi protection – Keep your details hidden from connecting to public networks

McAfee has been battling viruses and malware since the 80s! So it is no wonder they have developed an amazing free antivirus for Android. With McAfee Security, you get premium features without having to pay a cent! 

The McAfee free Android antivirus app comes with a spyware and malware removal tool that has a 100% success rate. You also get an antivirus scanner that can analyze any app on Android in just a few minutes and can quickly identify even the most camouflaged viruses!

With the McAfee android free antivirus you also get an awesome anti-theft tool that can locate your device anywhere in the world and pinpoint the exact location by using GPS. And you get to securely connect to any wi-fi with an awesome wi-fi protection tool that keeps your personal information, IP address, and physical locations secret. 

The only downside to the McAfee free antivirus app is that it does not come with web protection or a VPN. Fortunately, both of these features can be accessed by upgrading your account.

The fact that you can access McAfee’s leading malware removal tool and antivirus scanner for completely free makes this a must-download app. Try it out now by heading to Google Play!

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Kaspersky Antivirus: Applock – Free Android Antivirus Cleaner

Free Features

  • Antivirus removal — Remove all malware and spyware from your device.
  • Virus and malware scanner — Discover malware, viruses, ransomware instantly!
  • Find my phone — Locate your phone via GPS coordinates.
  • Anti-Theft — Remotely wipe your device and encrypt key information!

Kaspersky Antivirus: Applock is without a doubt one of the best Android antivirus free apps on the market! For absolutely zero dollars you get access to the latest security technology from a leading software company and can instantly protect your Android from the new malware and spyware.

If you are looking for a free security app for Android which can quickly find any malware, spyware, or ransomware then Kaspersky is a great choice. By downloading the free version you get access to Kaspersky’s premium malware removal tool and their antivirus scanner. Both of these features have been extensively tested and have a near 100% detection and removal rate.

Are you worried about your passwords, medical, records, and bank details being accessed via your phone? The Kaspersky antivirus Android app is ready to help!. Kaspersky has a powerful password manager which hides all of your personal information behind state-of-the-art encryption so even if your phone security is breached hackers still won’t be able to view your private details!

Kaspersky offers some other amazing features as well including the ability to remotely wipe the data from your device, ensuring that nobody can view your details if your phone is stolen. You also can quickly track down your phone by receiving the exact GPS coordinates of your device at all times!

While this free android phone antivirus does not offer a VPN or web protection both of these features can be accessed by upgrading your account.

To detect even the trickiest virus and malware and then instantly remove it download Kaspersky Antivirus from Google Play for free right now! 

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Panda Dome – Good Free Android Antivirus

Free Features

  • AI-powered antivirus scanner – Constantly updating to provide the best protection
  • Awesome VPN – 150 MB free daily data!
  • Anti-theft and location finder – Receive exact GPS location

Panda Dome is a top free antivirus for Android that has an incredible malware detection rate thanks to its innovative AI-powered scanner. Panda Dome’s scanner is constantly learning and has no problem detecting malware and spyware that has just been released on the market. 

Not only is Panda Dome giving away their scanner for free but they also provide a complimentary VPN. With Panda Dome’s VPN you can connect to one location and receive 150 MB of daily data. This VPN will keep you safe when using public wi-fi and ensure no 3rd parties can access your device.

If you tend to lose or forget your phone, Panda Dome is here to help! With this free android phone antivirus app, you can find your device at a moment’s notice as Panda Dome will tell you the exact GPS coordinates of your phone.

Panda Dome is an amazing option because not only do you get one of the best antivirus scanners available for $0 you also get a VPN and a helpful anti-theft tool. You can’t go wrong trying this antivirus for Android free on Google Play now!

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TotalAV – Free Online Android Virus Scan

Free Features

  • Wi-fi scanner
  • Data breach tool
  • Antivirus scanner
  • Malware removal tool

TotalAV’s free antivirus for Android is absolutely overloaded with features! You can download this app and instantly start scanning your device for malware and spyware. TotalAV’s scanner has a near 100% detection rate and their removal tool is capable of neutralizing even the most advanced malware.

TotalAV is more than just an antivirus scanner; it also has a wi-fi scanner that you can use to ensure any networks you connect to are safe. This free security app for Android also offers web protection which in real-time will block phishing scams and malware-infected links and popups! 

TotalAV is a highly rated Android antivirus app thanks in part to its impressive web protection. By activating TotalAV’s WebShield you receive 100% protection when visiting all sites no matter if they are riddled with malware and spyware. 

The only downside to TotalAV’s free version is that it does not come with a VPN. Fortunately, you can upgrade to the premium version and instantly access an unlimited VPN.

TotalAV is worth trying out if you are looking for a little more protection than a standard antivirus scanner. You download it for free from Google Play.


Avira Mobile Security – Great Samsung Antivirus

Free Features

  • Antivirus scanner and remover – Scan thousands of files in under 5 minutes!
  • Reliable VPN – 500 MB of free data.
  • Rootkit detection – Find out if someone has access to your device!

Avira is a well-known name in the security industry and they have created a highly effective free antivirus app that can keep you safe when online!

Avira has one of the most extensive and fast antivirus scanners and removers we have seen. In just a handful of minutes, Avira’s scanner was able to check almost 10,000 files and promptly remove malware and spyware. 

Avira is considered one of the best free antivirus Android apps thanks to its impressive rootkit detection. With this feature, you can instantly find out if someone has access to your device and start neutralizing them.

With this free Android antivirus, you also get a complimentary VPN with 500 MB of free data. The only con of this app is that it does not offer real-time web protection.

If you want to quickly scan files, remove viruses and even check if your device is infected with rootkit software then head to Google Play and try out Avira today!

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Sophos Intercept X – Free Antivirus for Android Without Ads

Free Features

  • Antivirus scanner – Detects any and all malware!
  • Web protection – In real-time block infected links.
  • Wi-fi analyzer – Make sure the networks you connect to are safe.
  • Root checker – Find out if a hacker has access to your device!

As soon as you download Sophos Intercept X it will immediately start scanning your device and removing pesky malware. Sophos’s scanner and removal tool has been tested thoroughly and always performs among the very best free Android antivirus apps.

This Android antivirus-free app also has some helpful other features such as web protection which will in real-time detect and block malware-infected sites. Web protection ensures you don’t accidentally download any spyware or malware onto your device.

Sophos offers a wi-fi analyzer that will tell you exactly what networks are safe to connect which will ensure you avoid making your device vulnerable to being hacked!

Sophos Intercept X is an all-around strong free security app for Android that can protect your device and you don’t have to pay a cent! It is available on Google Play for all Android devices.

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Lookout Security – Top Free Android Antivirus

Free Features

  • Antivirus scanner – Remove all malware in a flash
  • System advisor – Receive recommendations to improve your security!
  • Anti-theft tool – Lock and find your device at all times.

While Lookout Security doesn’t come with a lot of features, what you do get is a very reliable antivirus scanner that can quickly detect any and all malware and dispose of it. 

With the Lookout Security free Android antivirus app you also get a few other helpful features such as a system advisor. This feature will study your device and make recommendations on how you can increase your security and improve the speed of your Android.

If your device ever falls into the wrong hands then this free antivirus for Android can help! Thanks to Lookout’s anti-theft tool you can receive the location of your device and also shut it down remotely.

To try out Lookout Security for free simply open Google Play and install it now! Then you can immediately start removing annoying malware.

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Malwarebytes Security – Real-Time Protection For $0!

Free Features

  • Antivirus scanner – Find out if your device is infected in minutes!
  • Malware removal – Can get rid of all troublesome malware
  • Anti-phishing capabilities – Real-time warnings.

Malwarebytes Security is a fantastic free security app for Android that can be installed in under 1 minute and can immediately start scanning all of your phone’s files! This free antivirus Android has a very impressive detection rate and has proven it can find all kinds of malware.

This free Android antivirus app doesn’t just detect malware and spyware but can actively remove them. After running a scan Malwarebytes Security will quickly heal your phone and get rid of any infections.

Malwarebytes Security also provides real-time

 protection against phishing scams. This free antivirus Android app can check your emails as you open them and instantly alert you to any scams! 

If you are looking for strong all-around protection but don’t require a VPN then Malwarebytes Security is a great option. To start using this app simply install it from Google Play now!

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AVG Antivirus – Premium Features for No Cost!

AVG android antivirus

Free Features

  • Antivirus scanner – Get rid of any infections fast!
  • Photo vault – Encrypt all of your photos!
  • Fast VPN – Connect to any public wi-fi safely

AVG Antivirus is an easy-to-use and well-designed free Android antivirus app that has a highly effective antivirus scanner. No matter what malware or spyware you have, AVG will be able to detect it and remove it! 

This free antivirus for android also gives you access to a high-performing VPN which you can use to securely browse the internet or connect to public wi-fi. Another great feature AVG offers is a photo vault. With this feature, you encrypt all of your photos so no one can view them even if they do manage to hack your Android. 

AVG Antivirus doesn’t offer real-time protection and is noted for being a bit slow but if you want to reliably remove malware from your Android it is worth downloading. To find out if your Android is infected, open Google Play and install AVG now!

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How to Check for Viruses on Android?

The most effective way to check for viruses on Android is to download an antivirus Android app and scan your entire device. These scans are incredibly accurate and will detect even the most camouflaged virus, spyware, or malware.

What Is the Best Free Android Antivirus?

Bitdefender Mobile Security is the best free antivirus app for Android. Bitdefender has performed exceptionally well in all malware and virus detection tests and with the free version, you get a world-class scanner, real-time web protection, and even a VPN with 200MB of daily data!

Is Mcafee Good for Android?

McAfee is one of the best free android antivirus apps thanks to its easy-to-use design and great features including VPN, web protection, and malware removal tool. This app is trusted by over 50 million people worldwide and consistently rated as one of the top Android security apps.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could effortlessly remove viruses from your Android, block malware-infected sites and connect to public wi-fi securely via a VPN all for free? Fortunately, this is all possible with Bitdefender Mobile Security which not only comes loaded with tonnes of free features but has been rigorously tested and found to have a near-perfect virus and malware detection rate. Try it out for free on Google Play now! 


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